Toyota E-Racer concept comes with automated tailor

At the Tokyo Motor Show in 2019, there were many innovative concepts on Toyota's booth, such as the concept of airborne transport and the automatic driving shuttle bus for athletes during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Toyota Tokyo 2020 Version e-Palette self-driving shuttle

There are some concepts on the preview production model, such as the Mirai and Ultra-Compact BEV concepts. There are also some conceptual designs that exist only in fantasy in today's technology, such as the E-Broom and E-Racer concepts described above.

Flying broom and emotional delivery robot

Toyota's innovative ideas come from the future, when the world's driverless cars have evolved into more personalized means of transportation, just as the cars of the last century did when most people were still riding horses.

Some of these concepts will be seen in movies/video games. In fact, Toyota Motor installed virtual reality glasses when it first appeared in Tokyo, enabling visitors to simulate driving the concept car on the track.

Although these concepts are not necessarily put into production, they show us the infinite imagination space of designers.


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