Comparing 6 Car Lock systems

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

By Long

I like to use the smart phone to unlock the car, I really want there is autonomy parking function,

I want my car drives to me automatically.

And one more important thing that is, I believe that we may forget to bring our car keys, but it is impossible to forget to bring our smart phone.

Nowadays many car company are trying to use the smart phone to remote control the cars system, such as lock system, temperature system, 360 degree camera visualization, or autonomy system, all these smart control technics should be a future develop direction.

I think there is a trend to use our smart phone to work as a major car key or spare car key.

Actually some Brands are already trying to work on this, but there are unstable factors that affect those smart control methods. Somewhere happened that, the driver and the car parked in an non-wifi environment, later the mobile and the car can not reconnect to the internet, he failed to unlock the car door. And some other unstable factors such as, the sensor can not detect the fingerprint or face because of the rainy climate, lighting effect or temperature.

Nowadays there are 6 methods to unlock the cars

They all have their advantages and disadvantages, is there any better combination of system to achieve a better car unlock user experience?

Tranditional Key

It is the most traditional, cheapest but unsafe method, but even we have remote control, keyless or other high tech key system, we still want to keep this key hole on the door.

Remote Control Key

Remote control system allow you to lock and unlock your car far away from it, and it also allow you to unlock the tail box, help you to find the missing car, it is one the the most common car key system now.

Keyless system

The cars conduct sensor to detect the distance between your key and your car, it helps to lock the door when you leave, unlocks the door when you are near the car, you don't need to find your key in the bag anymore, it is a really comfortable way to get on or off your car.

Digits Password System

This digits pasword on the B-pillar really help you if you loss your car key, even your children anti-lock themselves in the car, or you leave your key in the car, you still could unlock it by typing the password. But please notice that no one could help you if you forget the password or some other people see your password.

Mobile Apps + Smart Key

It is still in a developing stage, people still looking for better way to use the smart phone to provide a better user experience, I am really looking forward to the future of smart mobile key or apps.

Fingerprint recognition

Fingerprint recognition works just like the digit password system, you have your unique key, but you don't need to remember the password anymore, it recognises your fingerprint and unlock the car once you reach the door handle, it works just like the smartphone fingerprint system, it need other spare unlock method because there is always unstable issue make you fail to unlock you phone. The fingerprint recognition on the car also have the same problem.

Car company are still play with different combination of car lock system.

We are also trying to solve this in the future.

Please feel free to give opinions to us.

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